"To create memorable interiors, you have to design with the human being in mind. Every space, like every person, tells a story."
Maria Oliva

Maria’s specialism is in designing spaces that work on both an architectural and a design level. Her creativity is underpinned with an advanced level of technical expertise that prioritises the positive impact of her designs upon those experiencing them, alongside their functionality.

Having studied architecture in Milan, Maria started her career in London, where she was inspired to combine her lifelong passion for interior design and bespoke furniture with her grounding in architecture. Before starting her own practice, she landed roles with renowned architect Will Alsop and design studios including Kai Interiors and B3 Designers, clocking up over 10 years of experience to date and building a distinctive portfolio.

Maria approaches each project with her client’s originality in mind and takes pride in managing every stage from concept to completion. She pays meticulous attention to every last detail in creating and curating her spaces.

Maria loves to reimagine tradition and is influenced by the arts and crafts of her home country, Italy, as well as the ever changing design scene in London. When not immersed in her work, Maria enjoys visiting art galleries and attending the openings of London’s latest restaurants. She can also be found zipping around on her motorbike to meet suppliers and discover new products.

It has been great to work with Maria, who has understood our brand identity since the beginning. She created an ambience that perfectly reflects our values and the experience we want to offer customers.
Michael John Guzzon
Michael John Guzzon Hair Salon
I really appreciated Maria's sensitivity and perception in producing a design that accurately encapsulated my personality, the identity and values of my brand and what I wanted to communicate about healthy Italian food.
Charlene Ashong
The atmosphere created by the design is exactly what I was hoping for. We are constantly receiving positive feedback about how customers enjoy the interior and environment as they dine. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.
Stefano Cacciari
Cacciari's Portobello
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